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I found you, and made you a thumbnail version of me

Sarah Cunningham

And of course location. I’m trying to describe this as best as I can. But an example of where I get this, is here. now, maybe. the sadness it encompasses. Are quite beautiful. you are my town, like needed rest. following the trail, your old picture frames and all that’s left in the cracks, the way people smiled in the 90’s. I was having a dialogue with a friend’s poem. I was taking lines off my gmail. I copied you, thankful and ready for bed, and the word lord coming out of your mouth again and again. All of a sudden I thought: vulnerability. but not that, innocence. but I forgot how to spell it. Like, awareness of how your mouth moves in patterns. Except before the disaster. I’ve never been popular. But I have had beers and money, full in my mouth, tried to tell you how I really felt.