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you stew

M.G. Martin

& yes i am collecting your hair from this shower drain with my ten fingers to put into a jar. because i am growing you inside of a jar like a sea monkey. i am composting a you stew. & yes it may be too much to ask. expecting to find every bellybutton lint, fingernail & drain hair that has fallen off of you. but i know this apartment is decorated by enough of you to grow in a jar. this is called chemistry of the heart. this is why i am licking the corners of your cereal bowl, looking for you. this is why i am siphoning the sand from your one piece bathing suit, because your artifacts are my sasquatch, my loch ness monster, my sea monkey. & yes reality has been suspended for the rest of the year & the one after that & all the way until our reality becomes, a lack thereof. this is called chemistry of the heart, because: there is just something, about the size of the whole, pierced into your ear. it is what i am growing inside of a jar: a you stew.