wtf pwm

the lights blink, even when we are asleep

M.G. Martin

the morning we awoke, covered in shards of plastic, i was dreaming about complimentary colors. in the dream the colors looked like a perfect pitched harmony. four part. as in how the gun metal blue silk worm tropically eats its way into the early morning segments of a blood orange. as in how purple is more verbose than fuck but must analgesize itself with the opiatic lust of a soft yellow urine. as in how any opposite is attracted to its origin of three. somehow, in the dream, this looked like our four part harmony. i can only hope you dreamt of curing the internet of people, or standing in the middle of a fake ghost body, or finally coming to life, to use your antennae, after being a computer bug for as abstract as you can remember. but, the morning we woke up, covered in shards of plastic, like we had slept in a bed of broken computer parts, you said this to me: let’s move into an aquarium filled with sand furniture & begin farming inchworms.