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Carrie Murphy

If someone has sex with someone with cancer, how much radiation can the first someone receive?

I looked at a wedding photo on this woman’s website and I thought I wish my back was that thin.

It amazes me to watch my footbones when I walk, the way they flex and strain.

How many people have died on their own birthday?

In the women’s room of the Chinese restaurant, there were two toilets, side by side.

Once, I babysat for a family that had had stillborn triplets. In the parents’ bedroom, they had three framed pictures, one of each dead baby. Their skin was both yellow and brown.

I am surprised at the fact that I still want to wear a nosering.

What does a baby think about in the split second after he hits his head, but before he begins to scream?

I kind of want to take inappropriate pictures of myself wearing a mask.

In the women’s room of the large Mexican restaurant, there were linen handtowels.

I think about the future names of my future children every single day.