wtf pwm

Frozen pastries in a paper box from the place that you work taste good because you work in a fancy pastry shop

José Díaz

I think it might be called a patisserie, which I think means "pastry shop" - but it
really means, "a shop where French pastries are bought and sold"
They weren't frozen, but cold
When I went to get the pastries, the weather was cold and so was your house
Nobody wanted to turn on the gas heat, having done the math on electric space heaters
You were watching Crash, so I watched Crash and we did not fuck
Two baguettes in a brown paper bag
I think this is what they call a "peace offering" or
Another "desperate and doomed attempt to make him love me"
There was also the apple coffee cake
Some blueberry scones
Maybe a Danish
You were tired from work