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An Empty Jar (1987)

P. Edward Cunningham

Tom Petty is a music dog with guitars for hind legs. He sometimes leaps around in his kitchen but only after frying up a soft muscular omelet. The omelets always smell like the heartland. And the heartland smells like a Fender Stratocaster.

Tom keeps hearts in jars labeled "fragile."

He once swam from the rear of his backyard to the parking lot where a shadow was looming. Tom came out of the sea shirtless. He came out sludging and rotten. Tom moves through bodies like oil. Oil swimming through shadows. Oil swimming through blood.

Tom Petty takes the family to Europe after the shadow melts into the landscape. Bob Dylan joins Tom for supper one evening.

Bob asks Tom what he is carrying under his arm. Tom gives Bob an empty jar and walks out onto the stage.

Tom Petty keeps hearts in jars labeled "fragile."